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Subscription & Website Design Service Agreement

SHOPLINE 2.0 Confirmation of Subscription Agreement
1. By agreeing to subscribe for SHOPLINE services, you hereby acknowledge and agree that your use of SHOPLINE services are governed by SHOPLINE Terms (https://shopline.com/terms) and SHOPLINE Privacy Policy (https://shopline.com/privacy).
2. SHOPLINE will only create account and provide relevant services to you from the commencement date of your SHOPLINE Plan. Please note no website design services will be provided before such commencement date.
3. You acknowledge and agree that all the payments that you have made/will make to SHOPLINE relating to your SHOPLINE Plan and other SHOPLINE services are non-refundable under all circumstances.
4. Facebook Ads Credits are non-transferrable. You must utilize your Facebook Ads credits within 60 days from the commencement date of your SHOPLINE Plan. You must utilize all your Facebook Ads credits in one Facebook Ads campaign, and such campaign is only eligible for directing traffic to website or product page of SHOPLINE only.
5. By submitting this form, you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions governing the direct debit arrangement as set out below and confirm that the details provided by you in the form are true and accurate.

Terms and Conditions for Direct Debit Authorization:

1. I, understand that the effective date of my subscription plan commences upon my first successful payment made to Shopline (M) Sdn. Bhd. via STRIPE, our payment gateway provider.
2. I, credit cardholder hereby authorize Shopline (M) Sdn. Bhd. to charge my credit card for any subsequent payment due for my subscription plan. I further acknowledge that the Direct Debit Authorization is also a standing instruction given to my credit card company to charge my credit card for any subsequent amount due to Shopline (M) Sdn. Bhd.
3. I, understand that the Direct Debit payment will continue to operate at monthly intervals until I request to cancel my subscription plan 3 working days before the next due payment, otherwise Shopline (M) Sdn. Bhd. may not be able to cancel that payment.
SHOPLINE 2.0 Website Design Service Agreement
1. This terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply to you, as the Merchant, if you sign up for our website design service (the "Service").

2. Upon receipt of your application, SHOPLINE will contact you as soon as possible to align your request of the Service, including the timeline. For the avoidance of doubt, your subscription period of any SHOPLINE plan shall commence on the date of your successful account registration with SHOPLINE, not on the date of completion of the Service.

3. A confirmation email from SHOPLINE will be sent to you after the alignment, usually within two (2) working hours. You must reply in writing (i.e. by return email) in 48 hours to confirm details as set forth therein with affirmative instruction to proceed with the Service.

4. SHOPLINE will only commence work relating to the Service after (a) commencement date of your SHOPLINE plan; and (b) you provide SHOPLINE with all materials as reasonably required for the provision of the Service. It is your sole responsibility to provide SHOPLINE with all such materials in a timely manner and SHOPLINE shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the Service due to your fault.

5. The Service only support website design in one language.

6. SHOPLINE is not responsible for any copywriting and/or translation. You shall provide all copywriting for SHOPLINE to utilise in order to provide the Service. Should you need copywriting and/or translation assistance, you may visit Value Added Services (VAS) page and purchase such services separately.

7. The Service covers one round of revision only, provided any request for revision to the website design must be filed with SHOPLINE in writing within three (3) working days after SHOPLINE notifies you (normally via email or such other channel as mutually agreed) that the website is ready for preview. You shall provide any request for revision in a single instruction in writing. Any subsequent request will be considered as a separate instruction and subject to additional charges.

8. SHOPLINE will use reasonable efforts to meet the agreed timeline for the Service. Nonetheless, you acknowledge and agree that any agreed timeline is for reference only, and any delay by SHOPLINE shall not be considered as a breach of this Terms and Conditions and SHOPLINE shall not be liable for any losses or damages arising thereto.

9. You entitlement to the Service is valid for 3 months from the date of your successful account registration with SHOPLINE (the "Valid Period"). If you fail to confirm or provide the Merchant Materials in accordance with the Terms within the Valid Period, the Service will expire at the end of the Valid Period and we will refund to you any prepayment accordingly. You shall bear any bank charge or transaction fee, if any, relating to the refund.

10. By providing the relevant materials and copywriting (the "Merchant Materials") to SHOPLINE, you hereby undertake that you own or are authorised to use such Merchant Materials and any intellectual property right relating thereto. You further undertake to hold SHOPLINE harmless against any losses, damages or third-party claims arising from our use of the Merchant Materials. You agree to use best efforts to assist SHOPLINE if there are any third party claims against us or our affiliated companies in relation to our use of the Merchant Materials.

11. The Service is not exchangeable with money, voucher, other services and/or features.

12. In case of any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Terms and the Service, the decision of SHOPLINE shall be final and conclusive.

13. No person other than the Merchant and SHOPLINE (including its successors and assignees) will have any right to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any of the provisions of the Terms .

14. The Terms are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

15. The Terms is subject to SHOPLINE Terms. In the event of any conflict between this Terms and SHOPLINE Terms, this Terms shall prevail.

( Last updated on: March 31, 2022 )